Strategy and technology for online sales

Applying machine learning and predictive analytics to improve your marketing and sales teams. We improve our clients’ processes around data gathering, decision making, design and creation in order to generate more leads and sales.

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Machine learning and statistical models

Our in-house development team produce proprietary statistical models and applications to deliver better answers to our clients.
We integrate multiple sources of 3rd party data which are relevant to our clients and which allow us to provide new insights into their decision making. As the data our applications are exposed to grows with a client engagement, the answers they provide improve correspondingly.
We develop our tools using a number of different analytical systems, R and widely-used in-office applications.

Generating proprietary data and lean processes

At the heart of our application suite lays a set of proprietary databases which are used to generate new information for our clients. We help our clients both large and small to implement a lean methodology to generate new data from their ongoing operations.
By leveraging the data we provide and by investing small amounts into multiple, experimental campaigns you will predict returns more accurately and make better decisions.

Working with the best 3rd party technology

We review hundreds of relevant applications so you don’t have to! By knowing the purpose, benefits and costs of different technologies, we help our clients understand their optimal structure.
By merging 3rd party systems with custom built applications, enables us to create new competitive advantages for our clients.

Access to best data scientists and creatives

At the heart of our service is a deep understanding of the best marketing outputs in your industry and across the internet. These insights help us with both the planning and the implementation of campaigns.
Our goal is to help our customers increase the visitors and revenue they attract through the internet. Through our network of scientists, creatives and developers we are able to provide ideas that will genuinely excite our clients and their customers. In this way we can assure your campaigns generate superior returns.

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